November 2019 New Delhi, India More info

Information for speakers

Call for papers

We sincerely invite you to participate in the 2018 LNG India Summit


Presentations should focus on topics and issues associated with:

  • Global challenges, opportunities and imperatives
  • Keynote Address on government policies and the utmost need for LNG 
  • Long term outlook for LNG and natural gas 
  • The new supply picture: Emerging LNG giants 
  • LNG Technology Advances and Challenges
  • Technologies for natural gas liquefaction and regasification terminals
  • The latest in LNG Storage Equipment & Solutions
  • LNG shipbuilding technology
  • Cryogenic technology for LNG terminals
  • LNG Bunkering Initiatives
  • New market & technology insight for changing face of LNG Shipping
  • Economic outlook for the FSRU market
  • Opportunities for the development of Small LNG Carriers and barges
  • Current outlook for LNG financial market (Liquidity/Price/Volume)
  • LNG as an alternate fuel for transport
  • Way forward for LNG as a maritime fuel